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Vets Serving Vets

A Community of Veterans helping other Veterans 


Our mission at Vets Servicing Vets is to raise funds for projects involving community activities, youth events, and service organizations, in the Verde Valley, Sedona and the surrounding area.


We strive to create employability, solve problems and inspire resiliency in our

community and country.

Vets Servicing Vets are dedicated to rehabilitating our veterans, and mentoring and educating our youth.

Let's Meet .......

We would love to share our vision and mission

with you or your group.

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  • Phone: 928-224-9054           



Serving our Country was one of our greatest achievements. If we were asked to do it again, we’d jump to the occasion. But how many of us live silently with the pain and scars from our service, some visible and some unseen. How nice it is when someone acknowledges us by saying, “Thank you for your service”, but we’d rather they asked us, “How are we doing?”.


Vets Serving Vets is here to ask that question. We’re here to sit with you and figure out how to solve some of the problems that you may be facing. We’re here to ensure that you have someone walking that road with you to a better life after service. Some problems may be just helping you get on your feet or getting you to the right people for your situation. Some may be training, preparation for job interviews, resume structuring or just a helping hand. 


Vets Serving Vets will be that safe place to talk about and seek assistance for issues you’re going through. We’re teamed up with PTSD workers, housing assistance agencies, DD214 and discharge problems and other services. We have a dedicated staff of veterans and community workers who will take the time to get you the attention of those who are problem solvers.

You and your family deserve no less, and we care enough to end the silent agony. Come let us show the true meaning of, “Thanks for your service”.


There are many places that want to help you. We know where they are and how to get you to them. That’s what we do.

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